Moratorium for Service Updates and Outages

Due to the high impact, high visibility and need for administrative applications and IT services during specific times, IT will continue to have change moratoriums to avoid causing potential service outages or degradations.

  • Because it is a fact that every department has a different heavy/critical workload period and it would be impossible to maintain our environment if moratoriums were called for all heavy/critical workload periods, it was agreed that the majority of the moratoriums will exist for systems and supporting services.

  • Should a hardware/software emergency occur, hardware and software changes will be made during the moratorium period.

  • This IT Moratorium webpage will be used to keep track of the approved change moratorium dates. Changes to these dates will be aligned with the functional offices, approved by IT Leadership, and announced at the next IT Change Approval Board meeting.

If the calendar above does not load, it may be because you are either not signed into your O365 account or signed into more than one. Make sure to be signed in to only one account.

Upcoming moratorium periods

See Approved Maintenance Windows

May, 2024:

  • 05/06 to 05/11 (Final Exam, Spring)
  • 05/11 to 05/16 (Grade Entry, Spring)
  • 05/27 to 06/09 (Start of Classes, Summer)

June, 2024:

05/27 to 06/09 (Start of Classes, Summer)

July, 2024:

  • 07/22 to 07/27 (Final Exam, Summer)
  • 07/26 to 08/01 (Grade Entry, Summer)

August, 2024:

  • 07/26 to 08/01 (Grade Entry, Summer)
  • 08/14 to 08/25 (Start of Classes, Fall) --confirming

November, 2024:

Tentativly 11/13 to 11/21 (Registration, Spring)

December, 2024:

  • 12/09 to 12/14 (Final Exam, Fall)
  • TBD (Grade Entry, Fall) -- confirming

Moratorium Criteria

Requested By 

Moratorium Periods 

Dates/Date Ranges 

Registrar's Office 

Start of Classes (Spring, Summer, Fall) 

  • (January, August) Start of the first Moving-In Day to the end of the Sunday of the First Week of Class. (Spring, Fall) 
  • (June/May) Start of the Business Week prior to the First Week of Class to the end of the Sunday of the First Week of Class. (Summer) 

Registrar's Office

Final Exam (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Start of the Monday to the end of Saturday of the Final Week. 

Registrar's Office 


Grade Entry (Spring, Fall) 

Start of the Saturday of the Final Week to 5 PM of the following Thursday. 
Notes: For the weekend before the final day of grade entries, if we need to have planned outages, it's ok if they happen before noon 

Registrar's Office 



  • The business week (including the Saturday and Sunday) prior to priority registration (staff as student, honors college, student employment – GAs, TAs, etc.) each semester, and  
  • The registration week including the Saturday and Sunday at the end of the week. 

Office of Advising Strategies 

New Student Orientation 

2 business days per week for multiple weeks between May and August. 

Office of Advising Strategies 

Fall Preview Day (for Advisors) 

One Saturday in September (the week varies). 


Payroll Runs 

Every other Monday 

Notes: Planned outages after 10 PM are ok. 

Bursar's Office 

Billing Runs 

10th of every month. 

Budget Office 

Budget Report for State 

Last 2 weekends of April. 

Budget Office 


Budget Report for HED 

May 1st and September 15th. 

HR Benefits 

Open Enrollment 

Start of the last week of April to the end of the second week of May. 

Notes: Non-business hours are ok. 


Month End Pre-Close and Final Close Processes 

The 2nd and 3rd Business Day August to June.  


Fiscal Year End Roll Processes 

The 3rd week of June to the 3rd Week July. 


Non-Student Accounts Receivable Billing 

  • The 15th and last day of month July to May, and 
  • June 10th, 20th and 30th.