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Computing @ UNM

From resources in the University Libraries, UNM IT, and UNM Health Sciences to specialized services in departmental spaces, UNM has a wide variety of computing services to meet the needs of researchers. This site provides a consolidated listing of resources and related support, policies, and procedures to help you get started. Explore this site for the latest information on:

  • Computer labs, classrooms, and study space
  • Laptop checkouts
  • University computer discounts
  • Computer support
  • Software access
  • Computer use policies
  • Accessibility Online tools and services


Your UNM NetID and Password are your keys to access many of UNM's online services, including myUNM and LoboMail, as well as on-campus computer systems. All UNM students, faculty and staff (as well as some affiliates) are eligible for UNM NetID.

Your UNM NetID will allow you to access any of these online services:

Network Access

Lobo-Guest - Offers limited network and Web access and is intended for visitors to UNM and others without a UNMNetID and password.

Lobo-Wifi - Offers full network access and is available for all users with a valid UNM NetID and password. Please note that use of this SSID requires a one-time client "key" for Windows and Macintosh users. 

You can connect to either of these networks while on Campus through your device's WiFi connection settings.

For more information about network access visit FastInfo.

Information Security & Privacy Office (ISPO)


Phishing is a message-based attack used by cyber criminals to trick you into providing sensitive information or taking an action such as clicking on a malicious link, opening an infected attachment, or responding to a scam. You can report phishing emails to UNM's Information Security and Privacy Office.

Phish Bowl

The ISPO hosts a list of verified phishing emails that have been sent to UNM email addresses. This list is called the Phish Bowl.

Junk Email

The ISPO also offers information on reporting messages as junk.