Software Distribution & Downloads

IT Software Purchases

UNM IT negotiates discounted software used on UNM-owned computers and is available for purchase by departments through LoboMart. Please reference FastInfo #6255 for more information on the process.

Per site license agreements, a software license may need to be purchased for each computer on which the software is installed. All software is subject to copyright protection per the University Administrative Policies, Policy 2500, Computer Use Guidelines, see Section 2, (2.1.1, 2.1.2).

Users should never purchase, subscribe to, or install software on their workstations without following approved processes and procedures. Instead, workstation users should request that their IT support staff, such as an IT Officer (ITO), install, remove, or re-deploy any needed software. Among other services they provide, ITOs and other IT staff help ensure that UNM maintains compliance with its software license agreements and that software does not create security issues with a workstation. Please be advised that in the event of a reported software license violation, unlicensed or improperly licensed software costs are the responsibility of the unit, department, school, or college to which those workstations are assigned.

If you need more information about a software title, or if you have a suggestion for a software title to be made available to the UNM community, please contact your IT Support staff, such as an IT Officer (ITO).

For the latest information on computing resources available at UNM, please see the Computing @ UNM website.